Painter was formed by Dorn Beattie and guitarist Danny Lowe in 1970 after returning . Originally based in Calgary, AB, then later in Seattle. Painter music combined a heavy metal approach with country style ballads. We were managed by Bobby Z who also managed the Chambers Brothers at the time.  We secured a contract with Elektra Records in New York. Our first single was "West Coast Woman", which did exceptionally well on the charts throughout North America. We showcased at the Whiskey a Go Go and went out on numerous tours with Steely Dan, Sugar Loaf, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Canned Heat just to name a few. One of our New York performances was broadcast on the nationally-syndicated radio program, King Biscuit Flower Hour. Despite our growing success, Elektra did not like our direction. We parted ways and moved to Mercury Records and in the process changed our name to Hammersmith. And for your listening pleasure:
Click here to listen to PAINTER while you explore my site. Earliest and only Painter video I am aware of here.

HAMMERSMITH #1 here and HAMMERSMITH #2 "It's for You" here.

Do you have any pictures of Painter or Hammersmith?

I would love to post them with full credit:)

“Finally! Painter released on CD! Thanks Wounded Bird for bringing back this amazing classic album. This will make a lot of people happy in the mid-west who have searched for this collectible album for years. Usually when a copy could be found, it demanded a very high price. This album contains the K-SHE classics "West Coast Woman", "Tell Me Why" and "Goin' Down The road". I'm not sure where else this got radio airplay, but St. Louis' K-SHE 95 has played Painter since 1973. You can still hear these songs on the Classics show Sunday morning. Let's hope that Hammersmith (the next incarnation of Painter) is also released. Kick back and enjoy some great hard drivin' 70's Rock!”

“When I typed in "Painter" in the search engine on Amazon, I never actually expected to find it NEW and in a CD. This is indeed an unexpected treasure, originally released in 1974, and all songs are originals written by the band members. I grew up listening to "West Coast Woman", "Tell Me Why", and "Goin Down The Road". Well, not really, I had graduated high school and thought these Rock Classics were, and still are exceptional! Some other favorites of mine,"Space Truck", "Kites And Gliders", and "Crazy Feeling" are on here as well. It HAS NOT been remastered, just re-released in 2009. But come on, only old-timers have even heard of Painter. It's a clean recording, at a great price. GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!”

“I have been trying to find this for yrs bought the lp in the seventies but lost it every song is awesome.”

“This album is early 1970s rock at its finest. Each song is crafted and produced for maximum effect and quality. Each musician does an outstanding job and the vocals are top-drawer. The interaction between the lead guitar and the technically advanced rhythm guitar is well ahead of its time. It has stood the test of time for me, this old 60s & 70s rocker.

I first heard this album (released in 1974) while I was in college. So consequently, when I listen to it, it brings back some fine memories. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it offered by Amazon. I have been looking for it for the past 35 years. It has not let me down.

To get the very best effect you have to listen to this album with headphones, there you will pick up the very subtle nuances of its production.

It is unfortunate that this is the only album that Painter put out. They subsequently evolved into Hammersmith then faded into obscurity.”

“Great to see this finally out again! I bought a vinyl copy when I was 16 (I'm 51 now!) for $35. I still have it but copied it to cassette where I still listen to it! I can't rate the CD quality but who cares, GREAT MUSIC! Probably one of my all time favorites from Jr./Sr. high school in the suburbs of St. Louis MO (KSHE Land!!).”

“this is a great cd. west coast woman.tell me why, and going down the road are the best songs. the other songs on it are good too. even if you have never heard them before like me. painter was a really good rock band. they had a sound for rock. but going down the road is a blues rock song. it is a great song. the guitar playing is magnificent. the lyrics are good. tell me why is a rock song and how radio rich ended the classics show every week on k-she 95 in st. louis in the 80's. the lead singer doran beattie had a great voice. this is a great cd for rock fans.”

“Painter was a band of fine musicians whose approach had a very "southern rock" feel in many instances...producing some well received hits in the '70s from this particular record. Very high quality writing, playing, and production abound, and some amazingly diverse styles are showcased amongst the southern sounds as well.

Being a guitarist and vocalist myself, I truly appreciate the work these boys put out, and have always found the tune "Goin' Down The Road" a most relaxing (yet exciting), inspiring, and perfectly developed piece of far one of my favorite works of classic rock. The layers of guitars intertwine beautifully with some very emotional vocal work, and the production makes for an extremely ethereal sonic atmoshpere that comes across equally well via speakers or headphones...absolutely marvelous work throughout.”

“I am also from St. Louis. I have had a vinyl rip of this album for several years and I suggest buying the vinyl and not this disc.

After listening to the first track I knew something was wrong. IMO this disc is sourced from mp3 not from wav files. Two different software programs verified this. The Wounded Bird release has the "tinny" mp3 sound that the vinyl will not give you. It is unfortunate that rerelease labels are stooping to using mp3 mastering and then converting mp3 to wav for their disc. If anyone wants to put this on their portable player you should know that converting mp3 to wav to mp3 really chops the music to junk!”

“I have been looking for this recording for decades now, I had been listening to an almost destroyed cassette tape recording of this album I made from the vinyl copy I owned long ago. Of course, I haven't heard this cd version yet, i am placing my order today, so I trust all of the fidelity of "Going down the Road" will be there when I get to listen to the cd. Excellent classic rock masterpiece.